Dear Friends of Grace,

We joined together in our last worship service on Sunday, June 25, 2017.  We prayed, heard the Word, sang favorite hymns, shared in Holy Communion and rang the bell in gratitude for 109 years of ministry.

Grace6-25-2017 48crop

May each of you find a new place to know the grace and peace of our God through Jesus.

Peace be with you.



For more information, call Pastor Zach Taylor at 509-525-6702 or send him an email at pastorzachtaylor@gmail.com.

We hope that your search for a sure, spiritual place finds safe harbor.

Each of us has a story to tell as we seek the place of deepest spiritual meaning in our lives. The people of Grace Church have come by many paths to be part of this faith community.

Please visit us on your faith journey and share your story. If your spiritual growth has become stalled or uncertain, we would be glad to seek along side as you find new footing and a sure path.

Please take a few moments to learn about what we are doing lately or perhaps plan a visit.

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