Why Easter is Important

In church last Sunday, when the children gathered for a special message, I made a feeble attempt to talk about why Easter is important.  I could almost see my words drift off into the air as their little eyes glazed over.  This is a normal reaction from 6-year-olds when they hear adults yammer on about … Continue reading

Focus on God

Usually I can find something to worry about.  Give me a little time and  I can come up with quite a list.  A quick look at the daily news can provide enough to worry about for a long time. Scripture tells us that worrying doesn’t do any good.  Worrying about food, drink, clothing or what … Continue reading

A Prayer in Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here is a prayer from the United Methodist Church Book of Worship in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr: We remember the conviction of Martin Luther King, Jr., that “freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” Therefore, let us pray for courage and determination by those who … Continue reading

Easter: Signs of Life

  One morning last week I smelled spring. It’s hard to describe, but words like fresh, damp, clean, and cool come to mind. And green. Spring definitely smells green. The scent startled me so much and was so pleasant that I altered my course. Instead of going inside the house to do the morning’s work, … Continue reading

Commit Yourself to Christ

John Wesley, the founder of what has become the United Methodist Church, led a service of covenant renewal often on New Year’s Eve, but other times as well.  The covenant in question is the individual’s covenant with God.  The service has been adapted and adjusted over time, but it continues to be used in United … Continue reading

Summertime at Grace

Summertime and the livin’ is easy, or so the song goes.  It might be easy, but it’s going fast!  I can hardly believe it’s been two months since I’ve written anything.  What can I say?  I’ve been happily engaged in “summery” activities at home: gardening, reading, and getting ready for a yard sale.  At church … Continue reading

Someone’s In the Kitchen

Kitchens are often the central gathering place in homes.  I know as people get busier, less time is spent there, but the fact is, if we want to eat, we have to spend time in the kitchen!   It’s a good place to be, not only because that’s where the snacks are.  There are important … Continue reading

John Wesley’s Questions

When women and men sense a calling to leadership in the United Methodist Church, one of the things they are asked to do is respond to John Wesley’s Historic Questions for Examiners.   John Wesley, 1703-1791,  is the founder of the church; his brother Charles wrote a lot of the songs we sing.  “Examiners” are members … Continue reading

Practice Resurrection

“Practice resurrection” is the last line of Wendell Berry’s poem, “Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front.”  In this poem, Berry, a novelist and essayist as well as a poet, speaks against materialism and consumerism and issues a challenge to embrace more than the “bottom line.”   “Love the Lord,” he writes, “Love the world.  Work for … Continue reading