Posted in February 2011

Did you know?

Did you know that pews are a fairly recent addition to a church sanctuary or nave? And what is the church narthex and where is it found? What’s the difference between a pulpit, lecturn, or ambo? Ambo? What on earth is an ambo? Where is the chancel? From the top: Originally, Christians stood for worship … Continue reading

Every Church, Every Methodist

An important word in the United Methodist vocabulary is “connection”.   We work and worship in connection with other United Methodists in surrounding communities and the region. Our bishop, Grant Hagiya of Seattle has called all churches in our Pacific Northwest Conference to join together in a major initiative of mission outreach.  This mission is not … Continue reading

Some Things are Forever

Reading local newspapers from a century ago gives insights into the everyday life of our grandparents. The ads sell food and clothes and cars and remedies. The news tells of war in Europe and on the Mexican border. The entertainment is a mixture of home parties, lodge meetings, vaudeville and silent movies, with chautauquas, revivals … Continue reading

Pass the Salt!

Jesus told his disciples that they were salty. Well, maybe he didn’t use those exact words; what you’ll find in the Bible is this: “You are the salt of the earth.” Think of it! People who follow Jesus are seasoning the world with Jesus and everything he taught and demonstrated including peace, hope, love, justice, … Continue reading