Find Your Place

God has a place for you.

At Grace Church we help people
find the holy, loving place God created for each of us.
We then joyfully
share Christ’s example of love and service
with our neighbors in all places.

Living from the place that God has created for you brings true peace. As part of that new life, you will want to reach out to others. Here are some of the ways your new friends at Grace Church have found to reach out:

  • Pantry Shelf (Food Bank).  The first Sunday of every month is Pantry Shelf Sunday. We gather hundreds of items every month to support a local food bank.  Grace Church also provides a monetary donation to maintain the food bank’s operations.
  • Operation Christmas Child.  Christmas arrives early every year as we pack dozens of shoe boxes with gifts for needy children around the world. This shared ministry with brings the joy of a Christmas gift to children who would otherwise go without.
  • Mission Support.  The people of Grace participate in a whole range of mission activities as we do our part to be Christ’s hands in the world.  Our mission efforts provide disaster relief, alleviate poverty and spread the message of the Gospel.  Grace supports a missionary in Nepal.  To learn more about this missionaries activities see the mission tab.

A life rich in worship and fellowship nurtures us in our faith journey.  You are welcome to enjoy these traditions and help us start new ones.

  • Lent and Easter Season.  We begin Lent with a quiet and meaningful Ash Wednesday service. Palm Sunday begins with palm waving and ends with preparation of the spiritual journey of Holy Week.  One of our most meaningful events each year is Maundy Thursday where we share a soup supper and communion.  Somber and simple, a Good Friday evening service reminds us of the reality of the cross. Easter Sunday is a joyful service with alleluia’s and an Easter egg hunt for the children.
  • Christmas Season.  Bring real meaning to the Christmas season by celebrating the preparatory time of Advent. The candle light Christmas Eve service is always a favorite as is the no rehearsal Christmas pageant.
  • Bible Study. A warm and humor filled group gathers every Thursday morning for a thoughtful discussion of scripture.
  • Women’s Fellowship.  The Women’s Fellowship  is essential to the life of Grace Church.  From potlucks to missions to retreats, they bring life to our faith and work.
  • Choir. The choir performs on Sundays and special occasions.  Their voices ring with song (and laughter).  Experienced and beginner singers are always welcome.

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