Posted in September 2010

Morning and Evening

You make the morning and the evening resound with joy. Psalm 65:8 We’ve just passed the autumnal equinox and the days are decidedly shorter. Our household isn’t resounding with joy. My wife enjoys early morning light for her pre-work dog walk. We both enjoy an after dinner walk. The darkest days of winter curtail both … Continue reading

The Other Side of the World

On Friday, September 24, a missionary with the United Methodist Church will be with us to share her experience in Cambodia. She will be cooking up a Cambodian meal at 11:00 am and will be with us at for a potluck at 5:00 pm. Katherine Parker helps local communities develop food security and keep drinking … Continue reading

Detours of the Apostles

For the last few weeks, Pastor Linda has been preaching sermons on the Acts of the Apostles. Today’s sermon included a long description of the apostle Paul’s journeys from Jerusalem to Rome and every place in between. There were so many detours, delays and side trips that a map is a big help. For the … Continue reading

A Cloudy Day

In a recent newspaper cartoon, Hi and Lois, their little girl is sitting by a picture window where she usually waits for her friend, the Sunbeam, to appear. Even though it is day time, Sunbeam is not there. She is thinking, “I know you’re out there somewhere, Sunbeam.” The next frame shows her looking out … Continue reading

Weaving a Family

At a recent gathering of women, both Native American and White, we learned to make one style of reed basket. First, the three foot long reeds had to be soaked in water to soften them. Then we wove the basket’s bottom with a simple over-under technique. The next step was to bend the reeds upward … Continue reading

God is Alive and Well

The initial training for Certified Lay Ministers, held in July, turned up an interesting fact. The Pacific Northwest is the most unchurched part of the United States, and, while the area’s population has grown, church membership has declined. Is God alive and well in this part of the country? The congregation at Grace thinks so! … Continue reading

Waiting for Panic

The grape harvest is very slow this year in the Walla Walla valley. The season has been generally cool and recent weeks haven’t provided the warm days/cool nights that sweeten grapes. This should be the peak of grape harvest but everybody is sitting around, waiting for the sun to shine. And they are worrying about … Continue reading

What’s In A Name?

At Grace United Methodist Church, we strive to live up to our name. “Grace” means “love” and that is our mission. Loving, respecting and accepting others is the greatest gift we can offer a world torn apart by fear and misunderstanding. Grace is God’s gift to us and it is our gift to the world. … Continue reading

A Taste of Cambodia

Visiting missionary Katherine Parker will demonstrate Cambodian cooking with tasting at her visit on Sept. 24 at 11am. Come and learn techniques and food culture from this missionary who specializes in water access projects in her work. (photo courtesy of flickr/lengmomo)

Links in the Prayer Chain

Our prayer chain is an important faith and healing ministry. When Pastor Linda learns of a concern, she contacts just a few people in the prayer chain who then relay the need along to others. Efficiency is rarely a goal in prayer but this is a great way to see that healing needs are met … Continue reading