Posted in October 2010

Flossing No Longer Required

A friend loaned me a book by Anne Lamott (Plan B Further Thoughts on Faith) and it’s a good read. Anne says that it’s easy to stay on God’s good side. “It’s not hard, ” she writes, “God has extremely low standards. Pray, take care of people, be actively grateful for your blessings, give away … Continue reading

First Impressions Matter to Church Guests

Here is a thought provoking piece from Rev. Sheila Fiorella, United Methodist News Service The people who come through the doors of our church have expectations. They’re making decisions as consumers at first. Whether they return rests on their entire experience with our community. Those people leave asking the same questions they ask of businesses … Continue reading

One Hundred Years of Praying

National Geographic put out a video about the history of the Native American’s relationship with the American Bison, or buffalo. Approximately 100 years ago, the vast herds of buffalo were slaughtered as a way of conquering the plains Indians. Now the Native peoples are bring back the buffalo by raising them on their reservations. At … Continue reading

The Promise

The Grief Recovery group met this week and the beginning topic of conversation was riding the emotional ups and downs following a death. Day by day one’s emotions are unpredictable and often uncontrollable. The same is true of any major loss, including the loss of one’s job, divorce, catastrophic illness or accident, even the loss … Continue reading

Archaic Words

“Abide in me.” That is a phrase you don’t here very often in casual conversation. Some might even call the words archaic. Yet these words from John 15:7 represent one of Jesus’ most powerful invitations. In the parable of the true vine Jesus invites us to abide in him, and he will abide in us. … Continue reading


Driving across the state for a three hour meeting and returning the same day can be exhausting. Ten hours in a vehicle is not everyone’s idea of a good time. However, good company and good conversation helped pass the time. We shared many ideas, not always agreeing. However, an unusual bumper sticker, noticed at a … Continue reading